Welcome to Velvet Unfolding. This site is a Yaoi site. It's dedicated to the relationship between Trunks and Goten as more than just friends. I think that should set off your Gaydar right there. You don't like if that's tough patooties.

If you're still not completly sure what yaoi is, let's take time to explain. ^_^ Yaoi is a japanese term. It's actually an acronym that all comes down to no peak, no point, no meaning, in other words lots and lots of sex! It's not all about the sex though. There is also Shonen Ai which is boys love. Shonen ai is all the sweetsy cutesy wootsy fluffy touchy feely part. It's the sweet relationship focused part so if sex ain't your thing, check out the shonen ai.

If you're gonna be sticking your nose in the yaoi you'd best be legal. If not, then go for the shonen ai cause we wouldn't want to deprive you of the boy love goodness ^_^

Being this is yaoi we're focused on the lovely relationship between our two favorite demi-saiyans Trunks and Goten. They're just made to be together in this gal's humble opinion. But this is just the tip of the stick in the way of Dragonball yaoi stuff, plenty of other sites for that. At any rate, to sum it all up, this site is YAOI, centered around Trunks and Goten and Proud of it! ^_^! So the question is, do you still want to get in?

Let me at those boys!
Let me out of here!!