Where did this site come from?

Well it didn't come from me! I actually snitched a bit of the original site to explain ^_^

The words of CryKat:
"Hello! and welcome to Velvet Unfolding, a page dedicated completely to Goten and Trunks ( and of course, their love) This site was spawned out of my boredom and because truthfully I was sick and tired of finding pages about Trunks and Pan. *loath loath* In my personal opinion Trunks and Goten just fit better; they're both adorable, around the same age and it's pretty obvious they swing towards each other. ( this is excluding anything GT, I shun it for it wasn't a created by Akira Toriyama) Anyway, It's really hard to find real good Goten and Trunks Yaoi on the web, let alone any site where you can find more than a fic or two. So I'm working on collecting as much art/ fiction as I can on this pairing and archiving it all here for all those true Trunten fans! If you happen to have anything I would be more than happy to post it here. ( More stuff makes Kat happy)"

Well since that time, Kat has passed the torch. How did I get it? I'm one of the authors that was featured on the original page. I have my own domain on which I host my fanfiction page For-Chan Cookies and my other junk. Velvet Unfolding was closing and that made me sad because I love Truten! So I asked Crykat and she said yes and so here we are! Those are the great and mystical origins of Velvet Unfolding!

Personally, I don't view Trunks and Pan realistically. I'm with Kat on the fact that Trunks and Goten go together. My first Dragonball Z fic was Trunks and Goten. Even before I knew a lot about the show, I could see the chemistry. They're still one of my favorite couples ^_^ So I hope you enjoy the site and that you contribute. Thanks a bunch!