Yes, we will always be accepting submissions, but if you want to see your work here you have to follow a few rules. I have a lot of stuff to do so to help the process here's what I need from you. All submissions must be clearly labeled "Velvet Unfolding submission" or else I won't know what you're submitting to since I run more than one site you know.

Numero Uno - Your work must be Trunks and/or Goten related.
This means that your fanart must contain either Goten or Trunks and all fiction should be Trunks and Goten centric. They must be the main pairing. It wouldn't make sense for me to put Trunk and Gohan up here in a Truten site now would it?

Rules for fanfiction submissions:

1. I'll only accept fics in two forms, either HTML or plain text format. However I receive it is how it gets posted. If you know nothing about HTML there are plenty of great sites out there to help you and if all else fails I'll answer questions.

2. Have your work Beta read, we're going to try and keep a consistent quality. So if your grammar is bad or English isn't your first language, please seek out the help of a beta reader. Sorry, but I am unavailable for beta duty, so if your fic looks bad, it might not get put up.

3. Have all your information at the top of your fic, Title, your name and contact into, disclaimers, warnings, notes, etc. We'll set out a template that follows:

Author name and contact info (email link or address)
Notes, etc.

4. Please provide a brief summary and a movie rating (G - NC-17) with lemon tags ^_~

Rules for fanart submissions:

1. Send it in jpg or gif format.

2. Have it moderately sized, if I can't see most of the pic on my screen i.e. I can see an eyebrow, but not the whole face or something like that, it's too big and you must shrink it.

3. Have your email and your name clearly written out somewhere in your email so that I may put it up with your art.

Thanks a lot!